Depressed Psychologists are Like Fat, Unhealthy Doctors

Aaron Cordovez
2 min readMay 16, 2022


Yes, I said it.

What’s worse is that 61% of psychologists are depressed.

When you understand and can control something, you are a master of it.

If you’re a master of tennis, then you defeat your opponents, and hopefully have a great time doing it. You can’t say “I know how to play tennis” and then lose every game. You would lose some serious credibility.

Unfortunately, the majority of psychologists are depressed, and even 29% reported suicidal thoughts in the last major American survey. (

So why do Americans pay to see psychologists when they clearly do not have depression figured out?

Very simply put. Because of massive advertising. There is more than $4.7 Billion spent on advertising yearly on psychotropic drugs, of which people are told that they work, and that they will get help from a “trusted” source.

The problem is that these psychologists do not have a handle on depression and in fact are more depressed than the average US citizen. So, sorry, they have lost all credibility to control someone else’s depression if they cannot even control their own.

You’re better off literally taking a walk, talking to a friend or just getting BUSY, than you are asking for help from a psychologist.



Aaron Cordovez

E-Commerce Seller, Entrepreneur, Father of Two Girls (became a father at 25), Community Volunteer and Activist against Psychiatric Abuses and Human Trafficking.