Home and Kitchen is Way more Competitive Than Kitchen and Dining

Aaron Cordovez
2 min readOct 16, 2021

On Amazon you get a Best Seller Rank which shows how you are doing in terms of getting orders for your product.

They can be very misleading, as a kitchen product can be in either the more general “Home and Kitchen” category, or in the more specific “Kitchen and Dining” category.

If you see in the screenshot below, our Milk Frother is #1 in Kitchen Small Appliances with an overall rank of #12 in Home and Kitchen. HOWEVER, that is ahead of Reynolds’ Slow Cooker liners, which is #4 in all of Kitchen and Dining.

You can also see that the Hamilton Beach is #36 in Home and Kitchen, but two spots ahead of in Instant Pot, which is #8 in Kitchen and Dining.

This is all to say, I think our Milk Frother MIGHT BE #1 (Worst case it’s #3) in all Kitchen and Dining if it was categorized in there.

This is a really amazing accomplishment that took a lot of hard work, lots of losses, and lots of learning and changing.

I talk about this on my podcast and why making a brand is something that anyone can do, and it is a way to create legacy and something lasting that is valuable for you, your family, and people who use the brand.


https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Kitchen-Dining-Small-Appliances/zgbs/kitchen/289913 Top Kitchen Appliances on Amazon October 2021

My background is not extraordinary, I finished high school, and then much later I did a few classes in community college. I mostly learned on the job volunteering and then in my first jobs.

Then my wife and I started a brand (Zulay Kitchen) to see if it was possible to compete with people, and dedicated myself to making good products that were something of value, and now people vote with their wallts to say that they do believe our product is better, and our 200,000+ reviews on Amazon show that.

Anything is possible, just set your direction now.



Aaron Cordovez

E-Commerce Seller, Entrepreneur, Father of Two Girls (became a father at 25), Community Volunteer and Activist against Psychiatric Abuses and Human Trafficking.