Proctor and Gamble Tip for Evaluating Brands

Aaron Cordovez
1 min readNov 23, 2022

A former Proctor and Gamble employee gave some information that is VITAL to evaluate your own brand, and what to focus on with your customer.

Spend time on your customer’s First Product Impression (FPI) and Second Product Impression (SPI).

Some brands do a fantastic job on their FIRST impression, great visuals, branding etc. But then when the person buys the product the actual experience on it, it is bland. So the repeat customer rate is flat.

Other brands may have a fantastic product and every time someone uses it they are WOWed, but the overall first impression is low. So the new customer acquisition will be hard.

P&G reportedly looks at these TWO factors and the best brands have a great experience both for FPI and SPI.

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