Take Your Vacation Money and Save A Sex Slave: Human Trafficking

Aaron Cordovez
2 min readNov 4, 2019

For the amount of money of a modest vacation, you can save a Human Trafficking Victim.

Operation Underground Railroad estimates that for $2,500 you can rescue a victim of Human Trafficking.

Ohhhh no, that’s unheard of. You’ve worked hard for your money, why would you donate it! You worked 40 hours a week and left early on Friday and barely endured a hard job. You’re not about to give it to a stranger!

What happened to “Give me Liberty of Give me Death.” Most people cannot be bothered to forgo a vacation to save a life. Harriet Tubman dedicated her entire life to helping slaves escape bondage. She literally risked her own life over and over, not just for friends and family, but for “strangers”. In her entire life she lead 70–300 slaves to freedom. That means this hero who will forever be remembered in history fought for something that today, because of some real modern-day heros, can be done for $125,000-$750,000!

It’s very popular to buy a new car, to buy a new house, to spend a bunch of money on an expensive cruise. But if you tell someone that you’ve donated $10,000, most people’s reaction are “What!?!” It’s not popular to fight for our rights. So let’s change that. Share on your social media that you’ve donated and for what cause. Talk with your spouse and family and see if you can not go to a vacation and instead give that money to a charitable cause.

IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY and that is your excuse, please learn how to become a millionaire. There were no excuses for freedom for Harriet Tubman or so many others like her. Liberty or death. Just adopt 1% of that mentality and you will be able to figure out how to make money and donate it.

There are more than 27 million people enslaved today, more than double than in the 1800s. This is not a small matter, that’s about the population of my Country, Venezuela.

So, whether or not you can afford it: donate and/or volunteer and help bring an end to the evils of this world.

Or better yet, re-dedicate yourself to making a bigger impact, make more sales, get a side job, figure out how to pursue a new field on nights and weekends, and make more money than you were planning and donate or volunteer more than you ever though possible before.

If we don’t continue to fight for our rights, they will slowly disappear like the rights of 27+ Million already have.



Aaron Cordovez

E-Commerce Seller, Entrepreneur, Father of Two Girls (became a father at 25), Community Volunteer and Activist against Psychiatric Abuses and Human Trafficking.