Trump Should Be…

Aaron Cordovez
3 min readNov 5, 2019

Impeached! Banned from Twitter! Re-elected! Given a Nobel Peace Prize! Given Electric Shock!

Frankly, there are many “Rallying Calls” with regard to President Trump. So much so, that I had a conversation with a “political activist” at a recent “Office Hours” for a Senator that really shocked me and showed me HOW MUCH we are at odds with each other.

I was talking about Banning ECT (ElectroConvulsive “Therapy”) to this political activist, and as nearly any citizen would do, she agreed with me on the fact that Electric Shock was harmful. Actually, a psychiatrist recommended had her own daughter be given ECT and she declined adamantly!

ECT causes Brain Damage, increases suicide rates and is also used as torture. The individual I was talking with with entirely in agreement, but then out of nowhere she asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican…

I told her that I don’t think myself as a Republican or Democrat, I like to decide on specific issues and push those. Some Democrats have great bills and initiatives and some Republicans have great bills and initiatives.

Not good enough. She said, “OK, but what is your opinion on Trump?”

The way she asked I could tell whatever came next out of my mouth would unduly matter to her. I said, “Well, I agree with some things that he does and not with others, for example stopping the e-packet deal is a good thing”… “I prefer to work together, with Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, whoever, as long as we can achieve tangible things such as banning electric shock”.

At this point, everything went south. Nothing I said mattered. She continued on to bash Trump in every which way, calling Trump all sorts of names. I tried to veer the conversation away, but I failed. The only topic now was Trump. Not ending Human Trafficking, not banning electric shock, not ending the widespread use of dangerous drugs.

No matter how I wanted to talk about things that we should work together on, I would forever be remembered in her eyes as the “A Person Who Doesn’t Absolutely Despise Trump”.

Whoever is president now or becomes President next, I would want them to ban the barbarism that is Electro-Shock. I tried to say things like

We should work together, no matter who the president is.”

“We should have evolution not revolution”

“If we spent our energy on X topic instead of fighting each other, we would get so much more done”.

I think if I told her Trump supported to ban ECT she would immediately say that ECT was great, despite any reasoning she had previously.

Please guys do not let any news station divide us. No matter what Political Party, Religion, Gender, Skin Color, Culture, or Race/Nationality, there are things we MUST WORK TOGETHER ON.

Getting rid of Electric Shock is one of those things. Please let’s work together and not be distracted by fighting with each other.

Check out and tell your representatives that you cannot stand the idea of a 2 year old kid being Electric Shock (It’s happening now).



Aaron Cordovez

E-Commerce Seller, Entrepreneur, Father of Two Girls (became a father at 25), Community Volunteer and Activist against Psychiatric Abuses and Human Trafficking.